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Your perception of the efficacy of the web presence we are trying to create (involvement of CA & help for victims)

In prior to discussion, this site will be definitely worthy as CA didn’t have any involvement with the earthquake in terms of technology. Knowing the fact that this would be our first step-up toward the Tohoku relief in the internet network, I think this is an unique idea. This is mainly because a lot of people are actually curious about this earthquake and they are going around social networking site such as Facebook to know more about it. Now since we have this forum that anybody can post what they want, people will be having easier time trying to get information about the earthquake. However, the degree of efficacy of this site is questionable. There surely will be some people (at least CA community) that would participate in this forum that we are trying to do. However, the question is now how are we going to pull outsiders to use this forum? I believe the fact that this forum is built by us would kind of limit the forum from going outside of the CA community extensively. This is because CA people will be the first ones to know about this forum. Once all those CA people start discussing bunch of things on the website, I think it would unintentionally drive out people who are outside of Canadian Academy. For example, if I were to see a discussion forum from an American highschool while surfing, I would be little hesitant to put post things up. I think it would be even more hesitant if I can see that people who have posted on the forum is all from the highschool. I think this is unavoidable reality. Therefore, I think without any spread of words, this forum can be very limited forum in terms of publicity. However, this also means that this could be quite global if we decided to resume something that could possibly grab other people’s attention. For example, CA community who has Facebook can write a post saying, “Here’s CA’s discussion forum regarding the Tohoku Earthquake. Check it out: LINK” This could cause friends of CA community who are outside of Japan to check the link and possibly write something about this crisis. Furthermore, some of the CA students can take initiative and talk to friends who are in states or other countries to write their opinions on the forum. I believe this is similar to auction. In fact, I think auction works better with more people viewing it. If there are more people looking at the auction, that means that there would be more people who would keep on betting money for the relief. This would definitely be a huge step forward for the victims if we manage to earn a lot of money out of this. In conclusion, I believe both auction and discussion forum are great ideas. However, in order to get the maximum from these two things, I think we need to do some sort of advertising as I have mentioned above. Until then, I believe that the sites would be very limited and would be only used by the CA community.

Your involvement in the process thus far

At first, Takaki, Mr. McEwen and I were searching to make a website where onlin donation is possible. However, as we researched, we noticed that we need school to open up an account along with a lot of complexities, we decided to move onto different project. This was the online discussion forum that we are currently still working on. Unfortunately, due to examination and preparation, I wasn’t as actively involved in this process of developing a discussion forum. However, Takaki and I had an idea of using something called “freedboard.” However, we had problem with this as it was not easy to manipulate the color of banners. As a result, we decided to get rid of freedboard. Next, we had bunch of different sites in mind, most of which Matt has presented. However, the issue is still regarding the banner color. Mr. McEwen showed his concern that if the color or design of the banner is different, people might be feeling hesitant. From then on, not much of progress has been made. As I have mentioned before, though I did some research along with discussion to contribute in making a discussion forum. My effort toward this wasn’t as great as Takaki or Matt as I have an IB exam coming up in less than a month.

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La Vianda Case Study

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Re-evaluate your choice between and the KompoZer software as the “best” method to create a website for La Vianda’s advertising needs.

Upon viewing, discussing and trying and KompoZer, I found various cons and pros to both sides. Upon reading the Beekamn text, section about dream weaver and other features that supports creating a website easily, I felt that is a program that enables anybody to work on a website. However, KompoZer, though could be simple, also can be very hard for a lot people. I felt this idea when discussing about how to use KompoZer with my group. I was serving as kind of a leader of the group as I had an experience of using this software to create a website. When I tried to explain these to the group and tried to listen to them, they were asking really complicated set of design to me. However, my experience and knowledge wasn’t good enough to fulfill the type of website they wished to make. I had to study much more about it in order to fulfill my group’s requirement. With my knowledge with KompoZer, I was able to come up with very very simple website layout. However,, which is almost template based, didn’t have to struggle with this. Their templates were already appealing and all they had to do is really know what to put for effectiveness of the website. In another words, was a lot easier for the manager of market people to use.

This leads to another problem for the KompoZer for La Vianda to use. This brings back the idea how managers need to hire an expert to do this or having to train their employers. This is really negative for the managers as they need to either spend their money or time, which are both golden for the managers. KompoZer can simply be costly.

However, has downsides too. It’s true that it’s more cost and time effective; however, it’s limited. For example, if La Vianda’s managers were to use this software they really don’t have any choice reagrding the layout or design. Suppose if they hate the layouts and the designs, they have no choice but to stick with the things that are In another words, their choice regarding this website will be very limited, while KompoZer will be free from having worries about layout and design once cost is made.

The bottom line is that we have to weigh whether spending money or time on KompoZer would be worthy enough to attract the customers. Personally speaking, I think flexibility in change of layouts and designs is much more effective and will outweigh the negative side of cost in KompoZer. Therefore, I still believe that KompoZer is a better choice even after these negatives.

Discuss what form of electronic creation and distribution method would be most effective for La Vianda’s advertising needs.

Though we have settled on social networking things for our most effective way of advertising and worked on KompoZer and, a website making software, my thoughts changed little bit after reading the Beekman textbook. In the beekman, it specifically talked about Desktop Publishing. Upon reading this, it fixed some of the different ideas that I had. I thought desktop publishing would be really expensive because I thought it required number of people: people who edit, who publish, who prints and etc. However, in the text it said that with today’s developed technology, everything could be done by one person. I noticed that it could be much less costly than what I have originally thought. Also, it’s effective in that it could be distributed in many different ways. Some of the things that the text talked about was like a pamphlet and magazine. Personally speaking, my mom is a member of Hyundai department store. Interestingly, all the advertsiements were sent to our mail box. Also stretching this idea, I thought that it could be stretched to using email. Not only could it be sent through mail but I thought managers could send this through email, which is probably the fastest way of distribution. I thought that desktop publishing method is like really effective because it could be made into different ways such as magazine, pamphlet, poster and etc. and also be sent out in different ways like putting these things in front of the market, sending it to customer’s home, and sending it to customer’s email. I think these availability and flexibility in distributing and creating will fulfill La Vianda’s goal.

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ITGS reflection

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1. I learned some of the new things regarding the security mostly. First of all, I was quite surprised with the fact that store itself had huge different branches of rooms that’s only for security. I was in a way surprised to see a huge data base of the computer. Also, it came quite interesting how the manager and some of the security department work separately. I was expecting the manager to know everything even about the computers too. I thought it’s more effective in a way, because I was able to tell these people really work on their specialized jobs in order to increase the effeciency. Furthermore, it was interesting how the card system was really strict. In the case study, the check in system with the card seemed rather weak and ineffecient. However, after interview and looking at different security check in for Daiei, I felt that the check in system was safe. I thought the way they fill up the stock was interesting too.

2. I thought the biggest problem for them was the system regarding the loyalty card. I thought the idea of how they really can’t verify the owner of discount card seemed rather wobbly. Though the manager told me that there is no merit, I think there is a merit. For instance, if one person has been collecting bunch of points for one big discout, but lose the card. Ultimately, this per and another person can use it when they fi son has no way of finding it nd it. I thought there could be change in verficiation system for the discout card.

3. In terms of La Vianda, it did help me. I got clearer idea of how security in such big market work. I think this is the important in applying to case study. However, in terms of different system of security, I thought it’s not quite applicable. First of all, I thought the size of the store was significantly different. Considering the fact that manger of Daiei said any of the abuse of system would be notified by others and be reported, we can assume that La Vianda is a huge store. I believe that this changes everything as there will be more things and more security necessary for the store.

4. I still think the discout card. I think it doesn’t necessarily have to a biometric system that identifies people. I think it’s good enough for them to have system that verifies the owner of the card. For example like USJ. Facial Recognition or hand geometry biometrics will be useful I think.

5. I would implement biometric system. First of all, as I have mentioned earlier before, La Vianda is a huge store. Since it’s bigger I think more secure system is needed to keep the store in control. Also, there has been abuse in the system despite the fact that La Vianda and Daiei use the same system. This already tells me that check in with card doesn’t work with La Vianda. Since it’s costly to set up a whole new biometrics for the workers, I would say facial recognition or hand verification system could be added to exisiting check in and check out system. This way people really can’t fake who they are or let somebody else check in or check out. Also, this way it’s going to be more helpful to employers since it’s not intrusive. For the manager, he will be pleased to have a more secure system that prevents abuse. Though the costs do take in account, I believe using verficiation biometric system as supplementary of existing system is less costly.

6. I still think it’s one of the unique experiences where everybody can really learn with simple questions. I am pretty sure other people also learned several things and had a better scatch of what the security system should be or like after the trip. I think such trip is very useful and should be taken if chances are available.

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Showcase: Response 2

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I have earned 11/12 for this response. Unfortunately, I have missed one stupid mark on easy definition but I was happy to get full mark on my response.

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Reflection: Semester 1

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My semester one grade is quite high. Though there are two responses that aren’t that high as it could be, I am still quite satisfied with my effort of this semester. Next semester, I will try to make sure not to loose marks on small things instead of focusing too much on the hard things

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Reflection I: My Responses

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I believe I had very successful semester in terms of responses. Though my responses weren’t that great at the last , my average is still A. I am very satisfied with this. I am especially satisfied with my work on evaluation. Now, I think I need to focus on not only getting good grades on evaluation but also make sure I don’t loose small points on definitions and diagrams.

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How did I do on my evaluation?

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Last year, evaluation was simply killer for me. Though I earned all the points, I had hard time getting an A because of evaluation. However, this year, I started off really well. I got 5 for the first one. After working little harder and talking with Dr. Anthony, I got 6 on the next one. Though this one, due to my lack of knowledge, I believe, I got 4, I think I am now capable of earning at least a five for my evaluation.

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